THE PROBLEM WITH ENGAGEMENT: Why #engagement online is the result of our #charity

Many people do not understand what social media really means.
In social media you interact with people – you like / plus, comment, share stuff, recommend others, support others and if things work well they support you, too. When you join the conversation, make your communications focused on the consumers and not your brand, when you build valuable relationships, engagement happens.

If you’re practicing social media marketing and you aren’t happy with your results, there’s a good chance you think engagement is the goal. You’re focused on a goal and do not see the actions that go into making the result happen.


Engagement is not a goal. It’s a result. A result of our good will and our good heart for other people. Showing us human towards others will lead towards the desired results and not the force to reach engagement.


We cannot expect that others will engage with us or that others reciprocate our efforts.


Here an article to that topic:

THE PROBLEM WITH ENGAGEMENT – Engagement is not a goal. It’s a result:


The problem lies in the silly word itself – engagement. We think we have to be active and that’s all. NO!


Engagement is reached through charity!

Charity means:
- Supporting others
- From free will
- Without expecting anything!


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without the good deeds of others?

Show that you are really interested in other people!
Show people your charity!
Learn to give free!





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