The Power of Humility in Leadership


Humility plays a very important role in leadership. People who are humble acknowledge the own imperfections and admit when they are wrong. They put others first in thought, word and deed and avoid narcissistic self-promotion.

Humility is the crown of all virtues. Humility enables courage and points wisdom into the right direction. Humility makes love possible.

Humility in leadership has nothing to do with religion and belief. We can be humble without any special belief.

Humility is often seen as a sign of weakness. That is certainly false! Humble people are not weak, they only have learned to not see themselves so important. They are grateful for life, for their experiences and see mistakes and failures as a chance to learn. In reality, humility is a strength, not a weakness. Why? Because it is not so easy to develop humility. Humility is a process of learning, understanding and exercising.

Humble people concede themselves having weaknesses and faults, and concede others these, too. When we concede others having the right to err and fail, we show tolerance and understanding. Such tolerance is a basis for effective and interesting relationships. Relationships of trust.



Trust for humble people means:

“I am willing to deal with your imperfections.”





Learn to develop humility …


Learn that our world is not perfect

… that people are not perfect!


Make concessions and show understanding!



—> Humility and concessions are the foundation for relationships of trust. 






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