Leadership and the Meaning of Trust


Relationships can only work if there is a basis of trust and understanding. Love nurtures relationships but trust gives security and hope. Trust is the foundation for our self-worth as human beings. Trusting someone means feeling safe to share feelings, problems, hopes and dreams with them. We feel we can be open and can talk about everything that moves us. Only when we as a leader give people the needed trust they will feel safe to share their feelings.

How can we establish such relationships of trust?

Trust requires authenticity and sincerity. A leader who shows himself honest and even vulnerable will gain more trust than a leader who is closed, dishonest and not willing to get hurt. Vulnerability means we show responsibility and are able to express our deepest feelings, to feel pain and show weakness.

Trust takes empathy and the willingness to listen to other people. We as a leader must be interested in other people, must try to understand them and must value their concerns. When we give people the possibility to speak from the bottom of their hearts, they will feel estimated and perceived.

Trust means standing to what we say and what we promise. We as a leader have to live out our commitments. There is a slogan: “If you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk!”

Trust requires humanity and tolerance. It means seeing people with unprejudiced and trustworthy eyes. We as a leader have to look at people with human eyes, have to show our humility for their humanity. A leader must see the pure soul without any disturbing influences.

Trust means showing people that they are welcome in our life. Leadership is about saying: “You matter to me – you have a meaning in my life – you are important to me!”

A leader must be fully committed to nurture relationships and give trust to the people around him.

Only in the context of meaningful relationships can people feel estimated and encouraged to follow a leader.

Good leaders are not power driven, they are people driven. They want others become the best they can be.




Leadership and Trust














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