For life and for business: 4 strategy principles to follow

Problems often arise, but not all are so urgent to be followed. We should concentrate not on too many things in life and in business – we should learn to focus on the most evident problem, the problem which is urgent and most important at the very moment. Besides it is a good method to offer only one solution for a small target group. Forces should be kept concentrated. Relationships, ideas, ways of thinking, so to say immaterial things, are always more important than material things. Too much weight on material aspects is only harmful. Money is not everything in life. And not to forget the benefits for others comes before self-interest. These four points together make a wonderful strategy for life and for business.

Life and business means knowing to concentrate on what is really important and will bring us success and personal happiness.

Here the four points in a short summary:

1.) Concentration on the most evident problem

2.) Only one solution for a small target group

3.) Immaterial things are more important

4.) The benefits for others comes before self-interest


Concentrate on what is important













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