Entrepreneurship: Should you buy your way to success?

Many business owners dream of having quick success with their business. They want to see the own company grow and want to be appreciated in their field and on the market. They want to be seen as expert, as thought leader, as one of recommended businesses. Positioning the own company as recommendation in the marketplace is a goal for many entrepreneurs. And it is indeed tempting to influence the own success in “pushing the own luck”. Enough opportunities are offered to bring the own company on the right path of success. There are enough possibilities to increase the own self-confidence and pride.

It is so easy:

Buy yourself a membership as an expert in an organization or become a solvent member of a collaboration network. You may collaborate with other experts and will have the chance to increase your business network. You may even wear a badge on your profile or website that you are an expert. There is only one fly in the ointment: From now on you have to pay the membership fee regularly if you want to stay an expert. If you decide to cancel the membership one day you have to give up all advantages, badge included.

If you have no problem in buying yourself the way to success, and have no bad conscience, this solution will perfectly work for you.

But if you are led by the vision to follow the own path consistently, if you trust the own intuition with faith that success will come when your time is right, you will have problems with this solution. Then you will see this solution not as your special truth.


We should ask us:

Buying me the way to success …

Can I identify me with such kind of success?

Can I look me into the eyes afterwards?

Does buying me success make me happy?

Or does it only satisfy my urge to self-affirmation?

Is self-affirmation more important than my vision, my passion, my creativity?

Do I take the stairs to success or do I take the escalator?


Be careful:

Define what success means for you before you are tempted to follow interesting and promising invitations!

Don’t deceive or fool yourself – be honest!

Money cannot buy you happiness!


We should learn:

The key in business is basing the own growth strategy on the right background and on the own vision.


Escalator to success

 –> Do you take the stairs to success or do you take the escalator? …
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