GO DO! … or learning by doing

GO DO!: For people who have always wanted to start a business
says the title of Jeremy Harbour‘s book.

Have you ever thought about starting a business of your own?
Chances are you have, but have yet to take the plunge. It feels like too much of a risk, you lack capital, you don’t have the experience… All these worries conspire to hold you back. But they shouldn’t. It’s time to pull your finger out, stop procrastinating and make it happen!

Go Do! argue...

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Emotional Intelligence – not only IQ matters


People with a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) are highly appreciated and well seen in our society. These are intelligent people and they have good preconditions to be successful. But having an IQ of 140 % does not guarantee you permanent success in life and in business. It is like saying: I have a diploma and now I will have success! Such an imagination is certainly false...

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Effective Communication in Difficult Situations: Disarming

In high tension situations it is absolutely critical to communicate effectively. Here the communication skill of “disarming” is a powerful conflict resolution skill. It is a listening skill and is especially effective when we feel criticized or attacked by other people. “Disarming” takes wind out of other persons’ sails and has a calming effect...

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Effective Communication in Difficult Situations: Empathy

In difficult situations effective communication is critical and very important. People want to feel that they are understood and that their problems are taken seriously. Acknowledging people’s feelings and opinions builds sympathy and creates harmony. Listening attentively to other people’s words and identifying with their problems in order to show understanding and compassion, needs empathy. In situations of tension empathy is extremely important.

Here t...

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Effective Communication in Difficult Situations: “I feel” Statements

Just in difficult situations it is extremely important to communicate effectively. It is often better to not argue or to attack other people – much better is expressing the own feelings in saying “I feel …”. Sharing our feelings can make us vulnerable, but vulnerability is a sign of humanity.

“You” statements are often critical and attack people, however “I feel” statements make us human and provide a reason for compassion...

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